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5 Maintenance Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with leaks in your roof. Not only do roofing leaks cause expensive water damage in your home, but they can also be difficult for even a licensed roofing repair contractor to find. To save yourself the hassle of yet another leak in your roof, you may want to consider the benefits of preventative roofing maintenance. Read more →

5 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Siding Contractor

If your residential siding is loose, cracked, faded, or otherwise damaged, you may want to start considering the benefits of home siding replacement. Not only does siding installation improve the curb appeal of your home, but it can also help lower your utility bills. However, in order to ensure the best results, you will want to do your research to hire the best residential siding contractor for the job. Read more →

5 Ways to Prevent Damage from Overflowing Gutters

Overflowing gutters can damage your home’s siding, rot the fascia boards, or even flood basements. To protect your budget against expensive water damage repairs, be sure to invest in preventative gutter maintenance and call an experienced gutter repair contractor when necessary. Below, you will learn about the five ways you should be preventing damage from overflowing gutters. Read more →

Pros and Cons of Residential Roofing Materials

We understand that roof replacement is a big investment. This is why it’s important you understand the pros and cons of different types of roofing materials so that you can make an informed decision as a homeowner. For more information on your roofing options, we recommend you contact an experienced roof installation contractor in your area. Read more →

What to Do with a Leaking Roof Before Help Arrives

Sometimes, roofing leaks happen whether you are prepared for them or not. However, not everyone knows how to respond to roof leaks before the professionals arrive to fix it. This could end up being a costly mistake if that smallroofing leak happens to get worse and causes property damage before an experienced residential roofing contractor is able to arrive and repair roofing leaks. Read more →

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Remodeler

Are you thinking of remodeling your home? At Professional Home Improvement, our remodeling contractors is more than qualified to handle your next home improvement project. Read more →

Home Remodeling FAQ

Are you interested in remodeling your home in the near future? At Professional Home Improvement, our home remodeling contractors collaborate with our clients to answer any concerns they might have about their home improvement projects. Read more →

10 Apps That Make Your Home Remodeling Planning Easier

Want to make your home a more beautiful space to live in? You’re not alone. At Professional Home Improvement, our Grand Rapids home remodelers look for the most innovative ways to facilitate thehome remodeling process. Read more →

5 Tips for Living with an Ongoing Remodeling Project

At Professional Home Improvement, our West Michigan home remodeling team works efficiently to ensure that you can enjoy your new living space as soon as possible. However, we cannot deny the disruption home remodeling projects can have on your life. Read more →

5 Things to Think When Remodeling your Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where you or your family will spend a great amount of time in. An experienced kitchen designer will bring value to your home by designing a kitchen with high quality products, specifically customized to your kitchen space. Read more →

What Type of House Siding Should You Choose?

A quick stroll through your local home improvement store can tell you that there are a lot of options out there for house siding. At Professional Home Improvement, we take the guesswork out of trying to pick the best siding for your home. Read more →

Create A Budget For Kitchen Remodeling

Are you worried that you might run out of money in the middle of your kitchen remodeling project? This is a common concern among homeowners, which is why we work with our clients to create a plan that fits your budget. Read more →

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Looking for a roofing contractor, but aren’t sure who will be the best for the job? At Professional Home Improvement, our home roofing contractors understand that our clients might want to check out the competition before agreeing to do business with us—and that’s okay. Read more →